The licensee provides a telephone number (the “Support Center Hotline”) that can be used by any licensee to report Grade 1 serious incidents (as defined in Section 3.2.1). The Helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00), with the exception of legal vacations in Maryland and/or the United States. At any other time, the Helpline hotline is transmitted to a voicemail system monitored by an on-demand support technician. Termination – Under what circumstances can the licence be terminated by the parties? License – What are the licensee`s rights to the software? Can the licensee under-concede any of these rights? What specific conditions, restrictions and prohibitions should be imposed on the licensee? The software license defined in this agreement may be supplemented by an BAU (not included). The main purpose of using a single ECJ is to create fees that can be imposed directly on non-customers. During the duration of this maintenance contract, the licensee will maintain the covered software by making available to the licensee all updates and software extensions of the covered software (“updates”) proposed by the licensee as part of its general maintenance policy. All updates made available to the licensee by the licensee pursuant to the terms of this maintenance contract are subject to the terms of the Master Software License Agreement. Updates are provided when available and include bug fixes, security updates, new features, improving existing features and/or improving the performance of existing features. Updates do not include product extensions to different hardware platforms, operating system platforms or database platforms.

The updates also do not include new applications, new third-party tools, new features sold as separate modules to new takers, or add-ons or custom software (whether created by the licensee, the licensee or a third party). There is no clause in this document for the handling of personal data. If the licensee acts as a data processor for the personal data provided by the licensee, you should use the standard or premium version of this document or supplement that document with a specific data processing agreement. The licensee assumes no responsibility for the operation or performance of add-ons, custom software or integrated applications, whether created by the licensee, the licensee or a third party.